15 thoughts to age better by.

Philosophers, savants, and sages have said that with age comes the wisdom of experience. Here are a few nuggets we’ve amassed over the course of 122 years on earth (collectively speaking).

1. The best way to approach life is as a series of experiments while maintaining a sense of humor about the results.

2. If you do something and it feels risky and likely to fail it is also filled with potential for learning something important.

3. Be yourself. Most people get this one wrong.

4. As you get older, you become free to have crazier ideas. And because you are closer to death, less is at risk. A great example comes from Ghandhi, at age 60, deciding to march to the sea to make salt rather than pay a salt tax to the British. This gesture was initially ridiculed as silly, but it was symbolic. The crazy idea started a movement that led to independence for all of India.

5. You can win at any game with lucky timing.

6. Don’t wait to have fun. If you plan to do a “bucket list before you die” in later years (after you retire), it will definitely be too late. As a senior, your idea of fun will be things like getting “the good drugs” before a colonoscopy.

7. People’s memories of the past are unreliable, emotional, and filled with colorful lies.

8. You absolutely cannot predict the future no matter how hard you try. In fact, if we told you with 100% accuracy, you’d still refuse to believe what’s coming.

9. A vast amount of nonsense exists because people have an unreasonably great fear of death. F.O.D. is so great we will do almost anything to re-position death. We are even willing to live by dour religious rules for our entire lives to earn entry to a proposed heavenly afterlife. The factual reports of life after death are scant. Death will either be a completely peaceful state of blissful non-existence (likely) or else something really mysterious happens (super interesting!)

11. People worry too much about money and not about how boring they are. Dare you to reflect upon how boring you’ve become in your ordinary thinking? Do what it takes to clear out the boringness. Start a new path today and be less boring.

12. Although humans have come far in our rationality, philosophy, and science, we still know very little about reality. What’s really going on? It’s a good question. Most people don’t want to stop and consider the nature of reality. That existential view would freak them out. They’d rather watch sports on TV.

13. The biggest mistake humans have made is a disconnect from nature. We don’t want to accept that we are just animals with smartphones. This will not end well for the planet or humanity.

14. While many tasks can be done in 5 days there are other plans that will take 5 years. Don’t spend the bulk of your time doing activities that offer marginal benefits (i.e. Facebook.)

15. Be aware of what forces are controlling your behavior. If you are not aware, you are either asleep or a slave.