The Books

“This volume could become the self-help of choice for people who don’t read self-help. A quirky, unique primer, it provides more than 100 points of advice for achieving SuperOptimism, defined as “the mental discipline to reframe any situation into a favorable outcome.” Morton and Whitten provide plenty of fresh perspective from way out in left field.”

 Publisher’s Weekly

The cornerstone of SuperOptimist thought is recorded in the book Secrets of The SuperOptimist.  Now in its second printing, readers have acknowledged that this volume has changed their lives by removing doubts, improving physiques, finding silver linings in the darkest clouds, and opening the doors to at least one parallel universe. We invite you to join them by ordering yours here.

An eclectic, entertaining, and often enlightening examination of the inner workings of the mind. Readers may find themselves thinking about the people and concepts discussed in this short book long after they have finished it. Bursting with ideas…”

— Kirkus Reviews

At the intersection of zen, physics, and budget travel ideas, A Wise Man Taught Me How To Defy Gravity and Now I’ll Teach You explains how a human being need not set foot on a rocket, satellite, or space station to travel past the realities of the human condition and disengage from the material world. Combining clear directions with photo illustrations, the book details the proper methods of launching into space and discovering the bridge between present life and what lies beyond.

The Fashions

Wear your SuperOptimism on your sleeve with our fine designs, available in your choice of size, color, and level of positivity.
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The Treasures

Conjure the spirits: Looking back at the past few years, it would have been good to know what was coming.  Why leave the future to chance? Turning to a trusty Ouija board to communicate with the spirit channel may help uncover what new challenges — and opportunities — await.


Be your own shrink: Try the Inkblot Test on yourself, or on someone you love who you think might have issues. The results will astound.

Be prepared. For anything. Composed of 118 parts, housing 82 functions, a Victorinox Swiss Champ XAVT has it all, and then some.


Be your own naturopath: Fix what ails you without going the route of doctors, big pharma, or invasive procedures. This treatise from the third millenium BCE still stands as the bedrock of Chinese medicine today.


Survive any storm: With NOAA early-warning notifications, excellent AM/FM reception, a hand crank that keeps the music flowing even when the power goes out, the Midland ER310 also doubles as a flashlight and charging station. The only thing it doesn’t do is make you an espresso.

Place luck on your side: It can’t hurt to keep some Chinese Emperor coins in your car, kitchen, backpack and valise. Round with a square-shaped hole in the center, they are said to be a representation of earth surrounded by heaven. A handful ought to do the trick.

Become a superhero. It’s a short leap from SuperOptimist to crimefighter; you just need a push to get going. There’s no better blueprint than that provided by Bruce Wayne in the original Batman comics, collected here for your edification.


Send a face potato. It’s the thought that counts.