“Explain why you decided to walk across the United States barefoot.”

“Explain your inspiration for spending 10 years in a Nepalese cave.”

“Explain what motivated you to jump your motorcycle over the Snake River Canyon.”

“Explain why there’s no amusing illustration on this page.”

The world is filled with bystanders who question the event but who do not take part.  Also known as onlookers, gawkers, or rubberneckers, they can be seen with jaws agape as a sword-swallower takes the stage, a daredevil leaps from a 200 meter springboard, or an organist sets fire to his instrument before commencing the concert.

Everybody on the sidelines wants to hear another story. And they all want an explanation for activities that stretch beyond the norm. That’s why there are gossip columnists, lawyers, and prison wardens.

Ignore them! Forget the explanations and just keep jumping off your own metaphorical high dive. Let your work – or your inactivity – speak for itself!*

*Why didn’t we put a picture on this page? We’re not telling!