Today is International SuperOptimist Day!

By order of  the king, June 21st has been officially declared International SuperOptimist Day. We invite you to join hundreds of fellow self-experimenters as we take this moment to celebrate the infinite wisdom, joy, and enlightenment that comes from our abiding faith in this class 2 Philosophy.

Below you’ll find a tentative schedule of events. But feel free to create your own method of practice to transcend your current reality and experience a higher plane of existence.

10 am: Vigorous morning yodel, accompanied by coffee and danish.

11 am: Life Drawing Class.  Clothed or not. Feel free to draw in the buff should you so choose.

12 noon: Bongo Brunch. Let the spirit, and the congas, move you to dance, sing, or jump in place. The music continues until the last set of arms is exhausted.  Then we’ll know it’s time to eat.

2 pm: Guided Meditation and Peace Offering.  Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha!

3 pm:  Gratitude List.  Reflect on why this moment, right now, is a fantastic one for you.   If you’re feeling grumpy, think about how lucky you are not to be incarcerated at the Colorado Supermax Prison.

4 pm: Talk to a Stranger.  Reach out to someone you don’t know and interact with them.  It might lead to something good.

6 pm: Frisbee toss until dinner.

7 pm: Feast of the Mask and Wig.  This annual SuperOptimist Rite of Passage initiates those new to the fold in the magic of shamanistic practice.


Goat cheese & crackers

Onion soup gratin

Veggie burgers

Mixed Nuts


Raspberry water ice


10 pm: Closing ceremony. Fireworks encouraged.