LeBron James is six foot nine and a superior athlete.  He’s also a good pitchman, an interesting celebrity, and from what we hear just sank an amazing buzzer-beater last night.  In addition, he earns a ton of dollars, gets feted at awards banquets, and is lavished with the trappings of a King (which happens to be his nickname).

Meanwhile, you get the stink eye for showing up to your latest appointment 10 minutes late, due to commuting on a rail service that is two cars short yet again due to your state’s budget crisis.

Society may want to rob you of your superiority to Mr. James by placing him on a pedestal. And yet, the fact is, you are better than LeBron James. Even if his balance is so good he could carry a tea cup on his head through a hurricane.

But you’re the only you that exists on this planet, which counts for a lot. LeBron knows that size and athletic talent is not the secret of his success. It’s motivation. As James himself notes, “Greatness is defined by how much you want to put into what you do.”  So while you might not be able to jump as high as LeBron, your motivation and desire have no physical limitations. The sky’s the limit.

Besides, right now LeBron James may have already come down from last night’s victory and is dealing with some petty legal matter or pesky interview request, while you’re able to wander outside and enjoy a plate of crinkle cut french fries. Who’s got it better now?

So up your game, today. The sooner you look yourself in the mirror and say, “Damnit, LeBron James has nothing on me,” the sooner you’ll start receiving compliments on your improved posture and confident demeanor. You may even school LeBron in your particular field of endeavor and show him what real success looks like.  And you can share your fries with him, if you are the magnanimous sort.