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Bosk in your own magnificence.

The bosk, or common bush, resembles the human in many ways. It is messy and multi-layered; thick in some areas, patchy in others. But that’s where the similarity ends. While people are apt to complain about the slightest problem, the bosk remains imperturbable in its approach to life. The bosk lives in concert with its […]

You’ve already won the lottery.

Scientists have estimated the probability of you being born at about one in 400 trillion. Those odds are ten times greater than winning the Powerball and four thousand times greater than being hit by lightning. (As for winning the lottery and getting struck by lightning together, well, our math skills don’t reach that far.) It […]

Create your own snow days.

Why are we writing about snow days in August? Because they are one of the great spontaneous joys of life. There should be more of them, and they shouldn’t be relegated to bleak days of winter. And they’re especially important when the heat index reaches 105. With the right attitude, you can experience a snow […]

Burn the bridge. Enjoy the warmth.

Right or wrong, good or not-so-good, sane or mad, making a choice and then committing ourselves to it can be considered the most valuable practice in life. To set out on a course of action and eliminate any route of escape reduces the chance of compromise. The expression “Burn one’s bridge” comes from the very […]

The benefits of going posthuman.

Being human these days can be an amazing experience. Especially when you stop behaving like one. The idea of the “posthuman” (and its subset “transhuman”) originated in the fields of genetics, science fiction and futurology. The fundamental ideas were first discussed by J.B.S. Haldane, a British geneticist in his essay Daedalus: Science and the Future. […]

Choose a volume at random.

1. Travel to your local library. 2. Closing your eyes, walk down an aisle. 3. Pull a volume chosen at random from the stacks. 4. Without looking at the book, turn to a random page. 5. Now open your eyes and read the right-hand page. 6. Whatever is on the page, allow it to inspire […]