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Set no goals. Then marvel as you exceed them.

How many times do human beings set themselves up to fail? One universal example is the classic “Change on a Dime” plan. “I’m going to quit smoking today.” “I’m going to lose 25 pounds in a week.” “I’m going to write a best-selling suspense novel, sell it for $300,000, pay off my credit card debt, […]

Could this be a sign?

Is there something missing in your life that you should pursue now? Is this the right time to start a business, find love, go on an adventure, take a swim? Being open to the signs that appear before you is a welcome practice of the SuperOptimist.* When we’re in need of guidance and stumble upon a […]

Was Superman a SuperOptimist?

On this day in 1938, the first true superhero comic book was born. And the artist? Joseph “Joe” Shuster. You might think that Joe lived a charmed existence after Superman became a hit. Instead, Joe’s life was wrenched by a series of unforeseen tragedies, starting with selling the rights Superman for a mere $130.  For […]

Accepting defeat the Samoan way.

When the Australian and American Samoan football clubs met in a qualifying match for the FIFA World Cup in 2001, Australia broke a world record for the largest victory in an international game, winning 31–0. Not only was the American Samoa team seriously outmatched, they faced passport issues so only one member of their original […]


What Immortals These Fools Be.

Let’s face it. We live in a world that values rationality, logic and common sense. If you are equipped with these three strengths, you will avoid risks, learn from your mistakes, and plan wisely for your future. You certainly wouldn’t be foolish enough to do the following: You wouldn’t be fired from your newspaper job […]

Why is Albert smiling?

Is your life a giant bag of screwups, fuckups, near misses, unrealized dreams, cancelled holidays, unexpected diagnoses, strained relationships, complete misunderstandings and crazy accidents? Terrific! Good friends die, enemies prosper, children grow up and blame you for their misfortune? Marvelous! Your marriage is dull and/or the single life is wanting, the cocktail parties are full […]

In praise of absurdism. As written by a robot.

Editor’s note: At a time where everyone is in hysterics over the fear that artificial intelligence has arrived to take our jobs, our dignity, and our raison d’etre, we asked Jasper AI to write a few words about our favorite coping mechanism. Absurdism is the most rational method for dealing with the world today because […]