Did you know that the Nobel Peace Prize was born from a desperate attempt by Alfred Nobel to reframe his story as something other than the inventor of dynamite?

Or at one time, the #1 ranked university in the United States was known as the “College of New Jersey?” That certainly doesn’t sound as impressive as their moniker today.

And while we’re at it, did you know that Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, suds for boozers on a budget, has convinced the Chinese to pony up $44 a can for it’s “Blue Ribbon 1844” version? Granted it’s a “special brew” with a fancy package, but still…

The point is, there’s nothing the world likes better than a good story, and you have a good one to tell. If it’s a bit exaggerated? All the better! That just proves you have a healthy imagination and a disregard for the rules — those pesky details imposed by people to keep the majority of us “in line.”

So think of where you want to go, decide what story it will take to get there, and then rebrand yourself to fit your goal! If it takes coming up with a snazzy new name, remember you’re in good company. Right, Amelia Kelly?*

One final note: Make sure to memorize your new story from top to bottom, as it can be embarrassing to not recognize your name or details of your life when out in public.

*Today known as “Iggy Azalea.”